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"Grief is praise, because it is the natural way love honors what it misses."

- Martin Prechtel

The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise

A woman receives a Swedish grief massage in Frisco, Texas.

Grieving a loss is hard work. It is incredibly stressful, messy and unclear. The body and nervous system are affected with a wide array of uncomfortable symptoms. Wild Rose Massage Therapy is a safe place to land amidst grief, loss and stress.

In addition, modern culture isn't kind to the grievers and hardly acknowledges loss or even death. However well-intentioned our friends and family are, invalidating platitudes like "it was God's will" or "time heals all wounds" are unhelpful and minimizing. This compounds the grief, where grievers feel misunderstood, alone and like they are grieving incorrectly.

Thankfully, massage therapy can provide assisted relaxation for grieving clients which can help mange the stress of grieving and allows the body to experience rest and restoration while coping with a loss. I do not provide any form of counseling, coaching, advice-giving or emotional processing.

There's no need feel pressure to talk during the session or even explain what life event the client is grieving. My role as a grief massage practitioner is to provide an atmosphere of acceptance where the grieving client can feel safe, honor their grief and simply rest in a soothing environment.

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